Valleyspeak: If you talk about his ponytail, Jon Schwartz will let you…

Jonathan Schwartz speaks his own language, where "the edge of the Mission" means "a big house on Church Street" and "try and buy" means "General Motors should be a phone company." So his new Forbes Q&A needs some Valleyspeak interpretation. Here are translations for the tough bits. » 5/05/06 2:02pm 5/05/06 2:02pm

Translation: "Look how…

John Flowers: Because hacking has a million little James Freys

Pitch Magazine says it's found the tech world's James Frey in hacker and search engineer John Flowers. In an eight-page piece, Pitch writer David Martin crows over inconsistencies in Flowers' history (as given by Flowers in speeches, interviews, and his blog). But, so what? Maybe there are still some standards in… » 5/05/06 12:28pm 5/05/06 12:28pm

Snacky or Flacky prelims, round 7: Jeremy Pepper vs. Miles Perkins

Finally, some testosterone! Or, well, some guys at least. Of these two male "Snacky or Flacky" contestants, one knows how to make beautiful noise — the other, well, at least he makes noise. Ladies and gentleman, publicist Miles Perkins of Industrial Light and Magic, and blogger Jeremy Pepper of Weber Shandwick… » 5/04/06 9:44pm 5/04/06 9:44pm